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Category : Photograph
Format : Photograph

270 results

Santos Baros Schubert
Maximino Torres
Kathy Baros
Faustino Villanueva
Jess Jesús Baros and an unknown man
Demetrio Flemate
Santos Baros Schubert's half brother in Mexico
Jesusita Baros Torres and Faustin Villanueva
Jesusita Baros Torres, Jess Jesús Baros and Santos Baros Schubert
Santos Baros Schubert
Danielito Flemate and Demetrio Flemate
Santos Baros Schubert; Jess Jesús Baros; Jesusita Baros Torres
Santos Baros Schubert and Jess Jesús Baros
Elizabeth J. Shanahan, Jesusita Baros Torres, Pamela L. Schubert
Templo de la H. Matamoros
Helen Baros and Jess Jesús Baros
Lilian, Santos Baros Schubert, Helen Baros, Jess Jesús Baros and two unknown groomsmen
Santos Baros Schubert and William D. Schubert
William D. Schubert, Santos Baros Schubert and Steve Shanahan
William F. Schubert
Robert S. Schubert and Elizabeth J. Shanahan
William F. Schubert, William D. Schubert and Santos Baros Schubert
Elizabeth J. Shanahan and Jerry Baros
Max Torres' house
Santos Baros Schubert
Unknown woman
Pauline Hernandez
Santos Baros Schubert
Jesusita Baros Torres, Maximino Torres, Jess Jesús Baros and Mary Muñoz
Unknown men
Jess Jesús Baros, Santos Baros Schubert, Teresa Perez and her brothers, Jesusita Baros Torres, Mrs. Padillia, Mary Muñoz and John Muñoz
John Muñoz
Manuel Perez
Teresa Aguilar
Santos Baros Schubert
No Title
Unknown woman
Odelia Montoya
Santos Baros Schubert and unknown toddler
Santos Baros Schubert, William D. Schubert and Roger Dale Pearcy
Maximino Torres
Santos Baros Schubert and Carlotta Elizabeth Tabor
William F. Schubert, Carol Schubert and Santos Baros Schubert
Six unknown migrant workers
Tony Logothetis
Santos Baros Schubert and Julia Gomez