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Christmas card and envelope
Christmas card
Employment flyer
Mother's Day card
Obituary for Santos B. Schubert
Tax Return
Japanese government issued Philipine fiat currency
Shirley Temple photo stamped w/autograph
Song lyrics
Christmas card and envelope
Receipt for appliance
Official letter
Citizenship study guide
Draft for citizenship document
Timeline for citizenship application
Memorial card
Response to request for record of birth or arrival
Cole Junior High School 9th grade report
Record of makeup work Cole Junior High School
Water bill
Notice of Anuity Award
Birthday card
Seven different paystubs
Receipt from Veterans Administration National Service Life Insurance Premium
War ration book
Honorable discharge letter
War ration book
New Year's Postcard
Verification of enrollment in Longfellow Elementary
Envelope and Christmas card
Newspaper clipping
Homeowners insurance policy
Real state assesment
Letter to Longfellow School Principal
Easter card
Birthday card
Birthday card
Calendar and personal diary
Easter card
School Diploma
Schubert Farm Sale Poster
Report card
Social Security Envelope
Personal journal
Japanese government issued Philipine fiat currency
Napkin 40th Wedding Anniversary
Notebook with addresses
Sale poster
Civil and religious marriage certificates