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Letter from Guadalupe Flemate to Jesusita Baros Torres


  M/a. Guadalupe Flemate. Hotal Zaragoza. Juchipila,Zac; septiembre 18 de 19[?] Sra. Jesusita Baros. P.O. Box# 681 Luptón,Colorado. Muy estimada hermana,

Esperando que al recibo de la presente est[?] tal como yo me encuentro gracias a Dios, aunque u [?] Hermana: Me enteré de la que le escribiste a mi [?] que veo estas un pco sentida porque ya estaré enfa [?] mana lo que pasa es que he estado algo grave, nada m[?]co de un dolor que me da muy seguida con la nada y m [?] muerte, me dijeron en Guadalajara, que tal vez me cos[?]el operarme, y que si me operaba que me veia mas mala [?] ajuantara ese dolo el tiempo de Dios quiera tenerme [?]do.

Pero sabes que estoy a tus ordenes en lo que pueda Sin mas tu hermana que te aprecia y no te olvida, asi te mando el retrato.

Guadalupe Flemate


  María Guadalupe Flemate. Hotal Zaragoza. Juchipila, Zacatecas; September 18, 19[?] Mrs. Jesusita Baros. P.O. Box# 681 Lupton, Colorado. Dearest sister:

I’m hoping that when you receive this [?] As I am thanks to God, even if [?] Sister; I found out from the letter you wrote my [?] That you were a little mad at me because I [?] ter what is happening is that I’ve been somewhat gravely ill, nothing [?] days since I returned from Guadalajara, I went to have surgery [?] co from a pain that I feel very often and without notice [?] death, they told me in Guadalajara, that it would maybe cause [?] the surgery, and that I had the surgery that I would get worse [?] to bear the pain for the remainder of the time that God wants to have me [?] ld.

But you know that Im at your service in anything I can [?] With out more to add, your sister who loves you and doesn’t forget you [?] I’m sending you I will send you the portrait.

Guadalupe Flemate