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Letter from Demetrio Flemate to Jesusita Baros Torres, April 8, 1970


  Demetrio Flemate 3081 Oregon St. Los Angeles California 900 23 Estimada Ermana  

por la precente te mando saludar y a ti y a Max y a jesse y a todos

En General pues yo ya no allo la puerta aqui me tienes En los angeles yo pensaba ir para aya pero agarre tu consejo pues en una de tus cartas me dijiste que me viniera a California y aqui ya me Esta ayudando El Govierno pero mi provlema es que devo un dineral En Mexico y seguro que voy a mandar vender la casa para pagar porque de aqui ni Esperanzas una Es que a los viejos no les dan travajo y otra es que a los que les esta ayudando El Govierno no les permiten travajar me refiero al Department of Social Welfare porque si travajo me revajan asi que Estoy en un callejon sin salida Viejo con   mucha familia y pobre sin duda que El producto de la casa pagando lo que se debe se lo boy a dejar a mis hijos porque yo presiento que ya no quiero vivir mas

Sin otro particular se despide tu Ermano Demetrio Flemate
  After 10 days Return to Demetrio Flemate 3081 oregon st Los angeles california 900-23 Jesusita Baros Torrez 814 Pacific ave Fort Lupton Colorado LOS ANGELES CA


  Demetrio Flemate 3081 Oregon St. Los Angeles California 900 23 Dear sister  

with this letter I greet you and Max and Jesse and everyone in general.

Well I can’t find an exit a solution to my problems, and here you have me in Los Angeles. I thought about going over there but I took your advice, because in one of your letters you told me to come to California and the government is helping me here but the problem is that I owe a huge amount of money in Mexico and for sure I’m going to send instructions to sell the house, because with what I earn here, there is no hope to pay this debt. For one, because they don’t hire old men and for another, because people who are receiving help from the government aren’t allowed to work. I mean the Department of Social Welfare. Because if I work, they deduct from my payment, so I’m at a dead end, old, with a   big family and poor. For sure I’m leaving the proceeds of the sale of the house to my children, after paying what is owed, because I feel I don’t want to keep on living.

Without anything further to add, your brother says goodbye, Demetrio Flemate