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Letter from Guadalupe Flemate Medrano to Santos Baros Schubert, July 26, 1957


  juchipila gulio 26 de 1,957 Mrs Sandra B. Schubert

mi muy es timada prima te mando esta carta aun que no ten El onor de conoserte pero yo quiro platicarte que le pidas a dioz que me aliví por que yo

estoy mala del de sarroyo yo mas vén greo que no es eso so yo créo que tengo mas cosaz por que yo cin to munchas cosas me disen los dotorez que nesecito muncho[?] curacin ya me an curado pero no me alio[?] amino me an curado por que mi papá no tiene con que con que semos munchos tine muncho gasto en darnoz de comer esta muy caro to do apenas al can samos a comer yo aveses me cinto muy triste que no ayo que aser por estar en ferma y estar ahorita mi papa tan atrasado mi papa tan vén esta un poco en fermo tan vén te digo que me mandes El Retrato de loz nenez para conoserlos pero no se te ol vide mandameloz para ver loz boy a trar a cuarto año este año no tengo con que con prar mis libroz y mis utilez que nesecito   yo quíra aun que meda pena decirte pero la a go un lado y te digo quiro que me ayudes con al go para ante que entre ya tener lodo listo

Recive munchoz saludez de todoz mis er manoz de Candi y Liby y de Chedez y josecito y mímamá y de mí papá y de mi Recive los mas finoz Recuerdoz de Guadalupe Flemate Medrano

Contestame pronto no se te olvide

  after 10 days Return to Guadalupe Flemate Medrano Zaragosa 8 Juchipila Zacatecas Mexico Sra. Sandra B. Schubert 1016 South 40th St. Lincoln, Nebrasca U.S. [?]


  juchipila July 26 1957 Mrs Sandra B. Schubert

My dear cousin, I send you this letter even though I haven’t had the honor of meeting you. I want to tell you that I beg God to heal me, because

I’m ill in my development There's something wrong with my development. I think that that’s not it, I think there are other things wrong, because I feel a lot of things. The doctors say that I need a lot of care, and they have seen me healed me but I don’t heal haven't received medical attention because my dad can’t afford it. We are many and my dad spends a lot to feed us, because everything is very expensive. We barely have enough to eat and I sometimes feel sad because I don’t know what to do because I’m ill and now my dad is so far behind in his financial obligations and has also been ill. I also tell you to please send me the portrait of the babies, so that I can see them meet them. Don’t forget to send it so I can see them. I’m starting fourth grade and I don’t have money to buy my books or the school supplies I need   I would like, even though it’s embarrassing to tell you, but I set that embarrassment to the side, I would like to ask you to help me with something some money to have everything ready before I start school

Receive regards from all my siblings, from Candi and Lily, and from Chedez and Josecito, and from my mom and my dad, and from me receive the finest regards from Guadalupe Flemate Medrano

Answer me soon, don’t forget