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Letter from José Jesús Samaniego to Jesusita BarosTorres, December 2, 1934


  juchipila za. Sr eliboria Flemate

mimui atenta y cariñosa madre la presente me sirve para saludarlos desiando sen cuentren bien que la que de mi se despide desta fecha me deja sin nobedad gracias a dios pues mama des pues de saludarlos con el cariño de siempre le digo lo sigente mama con bastante pena meda porque me tarde mucho en contestarle dira que es por falta de boluntad pero no mama no es poreso la berdad es esta enprimer lugar andaballo piscando mis mo loncos[?] y un dia qüisas anda llo eritado del trajo[?] y me quite la canasta me pego un dolorsito enla espalda que dure 15 dias en fermo pero lla parese que etoi mejor pues mama de lo que de lo que llo le abia endicado de mi salida y enseguida ud me dise que espereami tio dimetrio llo able connel y me di se a si que el tiene miedo pero si de re pente sele siera la puerta que entonses ase camino   pues mama llo una bes a siendo y obedesiendo lo que ud medise mama lo boï aes perar de aqüi a bril si de aqüi aentonses el no se muebe llo fasil es que llo balla sienpre qüiero de sirle que llo di a qüi el paso como qüiera de a lli para delante ud sabra al cabo llo boi a salir llo solo a mi es posa la boi a dejar com sus padres yes cuanto por a o ra

Saludes para chui y Santos re siba saludes de mi esposa y de mi resibalos mas finos recuerdos de suijo que les desea felesidades J. Jesus Samaniego

esta es midireision
calle rosales numero 63

  After 10 days Return to Jesus Samaniego Calle Rosales 63 Juchipila Zacatecas mexico Mrs. Jesusita Baros in care of Bill Remedy Route 3 Longmont Colorado U.S. JUC[?]

-5 DIC.33. 2:45


  Juchipila Zacatecas Mrs. Eiboria Flemate

my kind and loving mother this letter serves me to greet you wishing you are well and the letter that is leaving me with today’s date leaves me without news thank God

well mom after greeting you with the same love as always I tell you the following mom I am ashamed because I took so long to answer you.You will think that it is because of lack of will but it’s not so. The truth is this in the first place I was harvesting my mo loncos and one day maybe I was irritated on the by the and I put the basket down and I felt a small pain on my back and I was ill for 15 days but it seems that I am better. Well mom about what I had mentioned about my departure and you told me right away that I should wait for my uncle Demetrio I spoke with him and he tells me this, that he is afraid but that if suddenly the door closes for him that he would then start the journey   well mom I do and obey what you say and I’m going to wait for him until April and if he doesn’t move by then I, it’s easy that I go. I always want to tell you that I have taken the step anyway and you will know what to do from there. I will leave alone I am leaving my wife with her parents and it’s all that I want to tell you for now.

Give my regards to Chuy and Santos. Receive my wife’s greetings and from me receive the finest regards from your son who wishes you happiness joys J. Jesus Samaniego

This is my address
63 Rosales Street