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Letter from Jesusita Baros Torres to Santos Baros Schubert, March 10, 1966


  ft, Lupton Colo

La precente es para saludarte Siempre deceando que esten todos bíen;

recíví tu carta; asta Febrero; desde noviembre que no me escribías; de modo que te estubiste 4, meses; muy bíen se be que no tíenes cariño de madre; pues me dises que trabagas, pero en escríbír no te estas mucho; 30 minuts a lo mas y tambien para que trabagas mucho no eres sola, tíenes tu Esposo; o dime que de el no me dises nada de aquí en adelante si me escríbes sí te contest, pero sí no me escríbes, pues hare de cuenta que ya nos morímos; alcabo que tu parece que así me cuentas ya muerta;

bueno esto sera todo Jesusita Torres


  Ft. Lupton Colorado

This letter is to greet you, always wishing that you are all well.

I received your letter in February. You had not written since November, so you didn’t write for four months. Very well. It's plain to see that you don’t have a mother’s love you don't love your mother you don't know what it is to love like a mother. You say that you work are working, but it doesn’t take long to write, 30 minutes at most, and also, why do you work so much? You are not alone; you have your husband. Or tell me what’s going on with him, because you don’t tell me anything. From now on, if you write to me I will answer, but if you don’t write, I will pretend that we’ve died. After all, it seems it looks like you are already counting me as take me for dead.

Well, this will be all for now Jesusita Torres
  814, Pacific ave ft Lupton Colo. 80621. jesusita Torres mrs. Schubert 1016. South, 40th st Lincoln nebr. FORT LUPTON, CO
MAR 14