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Year : 1952

14 results

Timeline for citizenship application
Envelope from Victoria Aviña de Torres to Maximino Torres, January 22, 1952
Envelope from Demetrio Flemate to Jesusita Baros Torres, June 16, 1952
Letter from Nemecio Samaniego to Jesusita Baros Torres, June 20, 1952
Application to legalize residence status
Official letter
Offical response to request application to legalize residence status
Official letter to certify acquaintance
Response to request of proof of former employment
Letter from Rodolfo Torres Aviña to Clemente Torres, October 24, 1952
Letter from Maximino Torres to Victoria Aviña Torres, October 28, 1952
Envelope from Mrs. Anderson to Mrs. William Schubert, November 19, 1952