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Citizenship study guide
Report card
Certificate. The Vacation Bible School
School Diploma
Excuse Blank-High Schools. Cole Junior HIgh School
Certificate of Vaccination
Record of makeup work Cole Junior High School
Class schedule
Cole Junior High School 9th grade report
Handmade diploma
Social Security Envelope
Brochure "This is my share" 1944 War Fund
Certificate. Railroad Retirement Board
Homeowners insurance policy
Certificate of Membership American Red Cross
Tax Return
Border crossing card
Honorable discharge letter
Civil and religious marriage certificates
Letter to US Consul
Timeline for citizenship application
Application to legalize residence status
Official letter
Offical response to request application to legalize residence status
Official letter to certify acquaintance
Response to request of proof of former employment
Letter to Longfellow School Principal
Verification of enrollment
Will of Jesusita Flemate Barros Tores
Rough draft of Will
Real state assesment
Response to request of proof of former employment
Social Security document envelope
Response to request for record of birth or arrival
Offical notice of approval of permanent resident status
Letter from Wesley Park Methodist Church Board
Smallpox Vaccination Certificate
Notice of Anuity Award
Agreement for lot purchase
Proposed agreement concerning sale of house
Verification of enrollment Cole Junior High School
Verification of enrollment in Longfellow Elementary
Request for verification of birth
Verification of place and date of birth
Obituary for Santos B. Schubert
Tax Return
Postal Saving System Depositors numerical reference card
Application and instructions for registry of an alien