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161 resultados

Nota de Jesusita Baros Torres
Nota de Jesusita Baros Torres
Will of Jesusita Flemate Barros Tores
V-Mail Christmas greeting
Certificate of Membership American Red Cross
Personal War Saving Bond Record
Japanese government issued Philipine fiat currency
Mor Valu trading stamps
Christmas card and envelope
Response to request of proof of former employment
Birthday card
Birthday card
Christmas card
Christmas card
Birthday card
Post card
Birthday card and envelope
Valentines Card
Handmade diploma
Handwritten personal notes
Offical notice of approval of permanent resident status
Certificate. The Vacation Bible School
Christmas and New Year's card
Valentines Card
Birthday card
Tax Return
Prayer card
The Jeffersonian Tablet
Receipt from Baby Tots Studio
Brochure "This is my share" 1944 War Fund
War ration book
Postal Saving System Depositors numerical reference card
Menu for Casa Bonita Restaurant
Request for verification of birth
Christmas and New Year's card
Envelope and birthday card
Receipts for photographs
Letter to US Consul
Offical response to request application to legalize residence status
Application and instructions for registry of an alien
Smallpox Vaccination Certificate
Birthday card
Easter card
Phone Bill
Rough draft of Will
Agreement for lot purchase
Proposed agreement concerning sale of house
Envelope and prayer card
Easter card