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663 objetos

Santos Baros Schubert and unknown woman
Unknown woman
Teresa Aguilar
Unknown girl
Unknown girl
Unknown man
Unknown man
Betty Baca
William F. Schubert
No Title
Santos Baros Schubert and Betty Baca
Unknown man
Santos Baros Schubert
Santos Baros Schubert
Santos Baros Schubert
Santos Baros Schubert
Pamela L. Schubert
Robert S. Schubert, William D. Schubert and Pamela L. Schubert
Santos Baros Schubert and William D. Schubert
Sarah and unknown woman
Maximino Torres, Demetrio Flemate and Jesusita Baros Torres
Handwritten personal notes
Valentines Card
Tax Return
V-Mail Christmas greeting
Japanese government issued Philipine fiat currency
Mor Valu trading stamps
Valentines Card
Freddie Baca
Joel Tabor, Vera Parkhurst and Carlotta Elizabeth Tabor
Jerry Baros
Santos Baros Schubert
Sobre de Guadalupe Flemate a Jesusita Baros Torres
Carta de Jesusita Baros Torres a Santos Baros Schubert
Carta de Julia Flemate a Jesusita Baros Torres
Sobre de Nemecio Samaniego a Jesusita Baros Torres
Sobre de William F. Schubert y Santos Baros Schubert
Unknown man
Teresa Aguilar
Teresa Aguilar
John R. Schubert, Gwendoly Shubert, Helen Pearcy, Roger D. Schubert and John Jack Schubert
William D. Schubert
Elizabeth J. Shanahan, Rodney Schubert, Gwendoly Schubert and Robert S. Schubert
Jess Jesús Baros, Mark Baros and Jerry Baros
Unknown women in China Poblana Costumes
Santos Baros Schubert and Jess Jesús Baros
Santos Baros Schubert
Employment flyer
War ration book
Postal Saving System Depositors numerical reference card