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Work / Trabajo
Will of Jesusita Flemate Barros Tores
Unknown woman
A spoon, a taste, a world: The story that our everyday objects tell
Templo de la H. Matamoros
Teacher Resources / Recursos para Maestros
We are more than our work
Sent by Guadalupe Flemate
Santos Baros Schubert and William F. Schubert
Rough draft of Will
Religion / Religión
Patricia Medrano, Guadalupe Flemate, Candelaria Flemate and Mercedes Flemate
Note from Jesusita Baros Torres
Note by Jesusita Baros Torres
New Year's Postcard
Nemecio Samaniego, Tomasa Samaniego and unknown woman
Of language and life
La Purisima Mission
José de Jesus Flemate
José Ascensión Samaniego
Jesusita Baros Torres and Faustin Villanueva
Jesusita Baros Torres
The Jeffersonian Tablet
Interior of the church in Juchipila
Identify / Identidad
Handwritten personal notes
Guadalupe Flemate and an unknown woman
Family portrait, possibly Samaniego family
Family / Familia
Esperanza Estrada Quirarte and Jesús Ascensión Samaniego
Employment flyer
Danielito Flemate and Demetrio Flemate
Daily Life / Vida Cotidiana
Consuelo Flemate
Christmas card and envelope
Christmas and New Year's card
Letter from Victoria Aviña de Torres to Jesusita Baros Torres
Letter from Shone Villanueva to Jesusita Baros Torres
Letter from Santos Baros Schubert to Jesusita Baros Torres, February 24, 1960
Letter from Rodolfo Torres Aviña to Clemente Torres, October 24, 1952
Letter from Reynaldo Hurtado to Maximino Torres, September 10, 1939
Letter from Rafaela Arroyo viuda de Torres to Maximino Torres, August 21, 1919
Letter from Patricia Medrano to Jesusita Baros Torres, July 23, 1969
Letter from Patricia Medrano to Jesusita Baros Torres