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Citizenship study guide
Jesusita Baros Torres and Jess Jesús Baros
Jesusita Baros Torres
Santos Baros Schubert and Lenore Baca
Jesusita Baros Torres, Santos Baros and Jesús Baros
Report card
Jesusita Baros Torres, Demetrio Flemate and Faustin Villanueva
Certificate. The Vacation Bible School
School Diploma
Pauline Hernandez
Antonia Lopez
Barbara Fe
Della Ayna
Josephine Nieto
Faustino Villanueva
Group of unknown migrant workers
Jess Jesús Baros with farmers
Faustin Villanueva
Excuse Blank-High Schools. Cole Junior HIgh School
Odelia Montoya
Certificate of Vaccination
Record of makeup work Cole Junior High School
Class schedule
Cole Junior High School 9th grade report
Felipita Baca and baby
Faustin Villanueva
Santos Baros Schubert and Jess Jesús Baros
Mary Muñoz
Santos Baros Schubert
Helen Romero
Joe Muñoz
Pvt. Garza
Unknown girl
Handmade diploma
Letter from Mary Moreno to Santos Baros Schubert, June 20, 1939
Jess Jesús Baros, Santos Baros Schubert, Teresa Perez and her brothers, Jesusita Baros Torres, Mrs. Padillia, Mary Muñoz and John Muñoz
Santos Baros Schubert's half brother in Mexico
Angie Perez
Unknown woman
Unknown woman
Unknown woman
Unknown girl
Social Security Envelope
Rocky Mountain National Park
Christmas card
Unknown girl
Sugar Purchase Certificate
William F. Schubert